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Company Outline
Head Office
Location 1157-584 Hotozawa Gotemba-city Shizuoka-pref. Japan 412-0046
TEL 81-550-89-5481
FAX 81-550-89-7603
Head Office

Initiation September 1 1976
Establishment October 14 1976
Paid-up Capital JPY 94,800,000


Corporate Idea
PD Management Idea
PjWe shall make a great contribution to the society with a theme of light, vacuum, thin film .and we shall be the existence asked for by the society.
QjWe offer the best quality to our customer. We shall be well ahead of the times and endeavor to do research and to create understanding that the quality is the principle for us.

QD Action Model
PjWe make progress by the challenge and reforms.

RD Action Guidelines for Company Idea Realization
PjWe share with our customer in our customers' satisfaction.
QjWe offer the maximum value to our customer with the minimum cost.
RjWe challenge the endless technical innovation.
SjWe realize our role in our organization and achieve our mission with maximum endeavor.
TjWe make our work place spirited and worth living.
UjWe utilize our character and originality in our work.
VjWe shall be a person accepted by the world and offer the merchandise accepted by the world.
WjWe utilize the global limit resource effectively.

SD Quality Control Basic Policy
PjWe establish the management system by digital data.
QjWe apply the statistics method positively.
RjWe always try to plan the production system modernization.

TD Education Training Basic Policy
PjWe bring up the person who tries to absorb the new knowledge constantly and can judge scientifically with a broad outlook.
QjWe bring up the person who finds the way out of the difficult situation and carries out the purpose positively.
RjWe bring up the person who realize the individual in the whole and has priority over the result in teamwork.

1976.9 Founded by Yukihiro Kawai and Yasuhiro Kawai at Gotemba Shizuoka Japan
1982.3 Head office and factory was moved to Gumizawa Gotemba Shizuoka Japan.
1982.9 Capital was increased to JPY6,000,000.
1984.7 Head office and factory was moved to Hotozawa Gotemba Shizuoka Japan.
1991.10 Kawai absorbed Fuji Shinkuu Kougaku . Capital was increased to JPY53,000,000
1999.6 Equipment manufacturing factory was added in Hotozawa Gotemba Shizuoka Japan.
2001.1 Obtained patent on ion gun
2001.4 Capital was increased to JPY94,800,000.
2002.4 Kawai Optics(Dong Guan) Co.,Ltd. was established at China as subsidiary.
2004.1 Equipment manufacturing factory Itazuma was added at Itazuma Gotemba.
2005.11 Now we are doing business.



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