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Dichroic Mirror, Dichroic Filter

 Dichroic Mirror
Dichroic Mirror
Dichroic mirror splits up the white light into the two or more wavelength range by the dielectric multilayer. Its purpose is the usage which takes out the specific color from the visible light by reflecting.
When the normal dichroic mirror is used in the divergent luminous flux, the angle of incidence varies due to the incident position. And the spectrum character also varies. In this case the gradation type which is varied the film thickness due to the substrate position is effective.

Dichroic Mirror Blue

Dichroic Mirror Green
Dichroic Mirror Red

 Dichroic Filter
Dichroic Filter
Dichroic Filter splits up the two or more wavelength range by dielectric multilayer. Contrary to the Dichroic Mirror, its purpose is to take out the specific color from the visible light by transmission.

Dichroic Filter Cyan

Dichroic Filter Magenta
Dichroic Filter Yellow

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